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Dear all. | Annwyl pawb.
We have always seen the importance of supporting and celebrating our community here in North Wales. Never has this need been greater than over the last 10 weeks or so...

Most recently though, our attention has moved further afield and we have been reminded that we are also a part of a much wider, global community which we must also acknowledge, respect and support.

Last week, after seeing the news break over the water in America, our entire team was moved and stirred by the nature and brutality of George Floyd’s death.
This tragic injustice has made waves throughout the world, and we recognise that it quite rightly affects everyone. Our global community should be moved and shaken by a moment captured for all to see, which so painfully illustrates the sheer inequality faced by the Black community in the US – but also much closer to home here in Wales and the UK.
George Floyd is another life and name added to a memorial that is now almost too long to recite.
We truly believe we all have a part to play in the solution, no matter how small an effect we feel we may have, no matter where we are.
At Dylan’s, we count ourselves fortunate to be a diverse team, one which represents many different cultures. Our chefs champion international dishes on our menus, and we use local food found in North Wales to bring them to life. Our team is proud to welcome and accept everyone through our restaurant doors; local, national, and international. This has always been part of our recipe, both on the menu, and in our business.
As we pull through the pandemic of COVID-19, yet another challenge to the global and local community, we will re-open our doors with that same inclusive welcome, the same message of community and acceptance, and a renewed and heightened refusal to accept, tolerate, or ignore any and all racial intolerance, injustice and inequality.
Below, you can find some resources and reading which represent far more experience and knowledge than we could ever hope to provide – we can all do more.
With our love, | Gyda’n cariad,
- Dylan’s

 Some reading, articles & books.

• The Truth about Racism in the UK, Jude Yawson - www.creativereview.co.uk/the-truth-about-racism-in-the-uk/

• Given Britain’s history it’s no surprise that racism still infects our politics, Gary Younge, www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/29/britain-history-racism-infects-politics-slavery-windrush

• Black and British: A Forgotten History by David Olusoga, www.waterstones.com/book/black-and-british/david-olusoga/9781447299769


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